Suri Reale

The Painful Truth. She IS the uncertainty principle.

Fetish and kink model, burlesque performer and character actress

Valley of the Sun, Arizona

SIN (Sleeping IN) Las Vegas - Top Picks Best Access

Best "Access" - Flamingo

Do you want to do "all of the things" because "reasons" and experience the best pool on the strip?  The Flamingo offers a great home base with it's Fantasy rooms.  These moderately priced rooms with free access to the Go pool give you a great day experience that is hard to beat.  

Too much (or not enough) night clubbing?  The Go pool is a club like experience that is adults only.  Featuring great cocktails plus a bit of topless fun if you can get the girls to lose their bikini tops.  Find a pair of pink flamingo stick on pasties and enjoy some of the best shaped tan lines once you get back home.  If the kids are in tow the lower deck has a family friendly pool with nearly the same feel (just less exposed boobies!!!)


SIN (Sleeping IN) Las Vegas - Top Pics Most Romantic

Most Romantic - The Venetian

A bit further from the center of the strip and not as happening as the MGM Grand, the Venetian boasts some of the most luxurious accommodations.  Having never been to Italy and longing to go, this escape afforded my imagination a break by filling in the "blanks".  The shopping at Canal Street is just that, shopping but the food options alone offer so many choices that it will require a separate post!

Maybe I'm in love with the Venetian because I'm in love with love.  Or maybe it's because the rooms there hold some of my naughtiest memories.  Nope neither, it's the bathroom that keeps me coming back to the Venetian.  With a soaking tub big enough for two, dual sinks, a private water closet with a phone (you know, for "business" meetings) and a separate shower.  The 100+ sq ft ceramic tiled bathroom is pure luxury that I want to transplant to my dream house.  As a self-diagnosed glitterati screw a king size bed, I need a king size bathroom. I spend more time in there than I do anywhere else.  

A king size bed, separate sunken living room, the best bathroom on the strip, direct access to a small tap room for Sin City, an amazing spa, beautiful indoor pool and amazing furnishings it's a wonder I ever left.  (Hmm, I wonder if I could telecommute from there?)